Courtney Pileggi

Courtney is currently a junior in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics. We interviewed her to get her take on Purdue and her experiences here.

What got you interested in your field of study?

I got interested in actuarial science because I knew I always wanted to do something with math in business, but I didn’t know what. I had multiple teachers in high school suggest it to me and the rest is history.

How has Purdue prepared you for your future career?

Purdue has prepared my for my future career by providing classes with amazing preparation for the Society of Actuaries exams. The extensive alumni network has also helped make searching for jobs a lot easier.

What do you love about the College of Science?

I love that the College of Science allows for you to take so many different classes that aren’t specific to your major. It helps me become a more well-rounded student and diversifies my schedule so I’m doing a bunch of different things each semester.

What are your future career goals?

In the future I want to be an actuarial consultant. I am hoping to pass all of the necessary exams to be credentialed as a Fellow of either the Casualty Actuarial Society or the Society of Actuaries, depending on what kind of insurance I work in.

What club(s) and organization(s) have you gotten involved in?

I played club softball my first two years at Purdue. I was also involved in Boiler Gold Rush as both a Team Leader and Team Supervisor. Currently I am a member of the Purdue Actuarial Club, and I am an ambassador for the College of Science.