5 Reasons to Get Involved in Research

Here at Purdue, research is a large part of our university. We are home to Nobel Prize winners, World Food Prize winners and renowned research labs. There are research opportunities in every department so whatever your interest is, there is a lab for that. While there are countless reasons to get involved in research, here are my five reasons why you should get involved in research.

1. Undergraduate research increases your involvement on campus

Participating in undergraduate research allows you to make new friends in your field and give you the opportunities to participate in events on campus such as the undergraduate research poster symposium and Cancer 5K.

2. You can take what you learned in class and apply to real world problems

Research gives you a reason of why you learned all that stuff in your classes that you thought, “Why do I need to know this?” Well, research gives you a view of the applications that seem pointless in lecture.

3. It helps builds up your resume and gives you a glimpse into what grad school would be like

In most research labs, you work under and alongside a graduate student and get design your own experiments. If you do this long enough, you can often times get published on a paper or write an undergraduate thesis, which looks impressive to graduate school or the professional world

4. Get to work under a professor who is your mentor and someone you can personally go to for advice

When working on research under a professor, they can be a great resource for letters of recommendation, opportunities for research fellowships, and a go to for advice on post graduation plans.

5. You can earn credit or get paid to do research

Often times you can earn credits for research with the idea that 3 hours in the lab equals 1 credit of research. These credits are often easy A’s and can be GPA boosters. Once you have some research experiences, you can be paid for doing research by different fellowships or research programs such as DURI of CPIP here at Purdue.